Systems Course

Understanding Problem Situations As If Complexity Mattered:

An Introductory Course in Systems Thinking

Here are the 14 lectures from a course I teach online at Gaia College, The full course  at Gaia College includes required readings, additional resources and practical exercises in a learning environment of interaction between students and the instructor.

1. Introduction

2. Why Systems Thinking

3. A Systems Thinker’s view of how the world works

4. Visualizing Our Mental Models – Mind Maps

5. Complex Systems Science vs. Reductionist Science

6. Feedback Causality

7. Probing The Boundaries Question

8. Systems Archetypes

9. A Method Of Systems Thinking Practice

10. Working with Simulation Models

11. Systems Thinking Applied to Sustainability

12. Introduction to System Dynamics Simulation

13. Systems Thinking Practice

14. Holistic Management