I have been a student, a farmer, a business owner, and a teacher. In occasional posts I will explore and demonstrate  the use of systems thinking learning and design tools for a sustainable future.

Motivating this work is an underlying assumption that the end of the petroleum era will force fundamental changes in all major human institutions,  and that the changes will be most painful if we fail to plan and adapt to meet them.

This is not a blog in the usual sense of a running commentary on current events. Rather it is a discussion of what I regard as the most important perennial issues of these times and their structural causes and possible solutions.

The adaptation of  food production systems is of great importance, and will be one of my central concerns.

The Core Papers serves as an easy access online repository for papers  that are seminal to my current thinking, ones that I most want to share. Use of all papers is free and open source as long as you link to this site and credit my authorship.